Canes beginning football journey

Jessica Bureau, Editor



The Hurricanes’ varsity football team drove to Boca Community High School to play West Boca on Thursday, Aug. 26, where they won 49 – 8.

The players said their victory was the result of practicing really hard.

β€œOur first practice was in the summer, on July 1,” said Mark Dorestin, a freshman in the Pre-Law Academy. β€œEvery practice starts at 3 p.m.”

β€œThis team is really special, we built a bond over the summer,” said Silas Hinson, a senior wide receiver in the Culinary Academy.

β€œIt’s a brotherhood,” Hinson added. β€œEveryone’s together and we all talk about everything together.”

Coach Smith said that he is changing the system this year.

β€œWe have some really good players, they just have to show their potential.”

β€œI love these boys,” said Teremun Lott, a senior in the Engineering program. β€œWe built so much team chemistry, and we’re just going to ball out together this season.”

After the game ended, the WPTV news channel interviewed a few of the players and cheerleaders.

β€œTell me about yourself. You scored two touchdowns,” said the WPTV News reporter to Lott.

β€œI saw an opportunity and I took it,” Lott said. β€œAs coach Smith said, we have to focus up, and I did what I had to do.”

β€œThe game was actually a good experience,” said Milca Vincent, a senior in the TV & Film Production Academy. β€œThe team were actually working together like brothers. They had some ups and downs but they pushed through it.”

β€œWe are going to stay the course,” said Coach Smith. β€œEveryone expects things to happen overnight, when in fact that is not always reality.

β€œIt is a process, a process we are embracing.”