Teacher of the Month: Coach Fritz

September winner


Laushana Jasmin

AMONGST THE BEST: “I believe I was nominated because I helped to resolve some issues between students.”

Laushana Jasmin, Staff Writer

Michael Fritz, was voted teacher of the month for September.

“I started teaching at Inlet Grove in the Fall of 2013, so this is my eighth year.” Said Coach Fritz.

He said that he is “thankful to have the support of the administration in conducting the class in the way that will have the biggest impact on the students.” 

“What I like about Coach Fritz is that he knows how to push us to our potential”, said Cia’la Smith, a Freshman in the Journalism Academy.

Coach Fritz said that he is motivated by others. “When someone fails, it encourages me to not make the same mistakes, when someone succeeds, it shows me what is possible.”

“I hope to continually become better and to help those around me to do the same,” he said. 

While working at Inlet, Fritz said he noticed that the school doesn’t really have any excitement. “Inlet is in need of more school spirit”. 

“Students like to trash talk about the school, fellow students, etc,” he said. “In doing so they are creating a negative environment and lowering their own self-esteem. You choose how to view the world, so why would you not want it to be in a positive light?” said Fritz.