Little Graham


Leah Robinson

COMING SOON: Science instructors Mr. and Mrs. Graham are excited for their first child.

Leah Robinson, Staff Writer

Mrs. Candace Graham announced that she and Mr. Rashean Graham are expecting a baby in mid May 2022.

Mrs. Graham said that she is almost 12 weeks and was overjoyed to find out. “It was planned. I was hoping that the test was positive and it was.”

She said that she does not mind what gender the baby will be. “I’d like to eventually have one of each.” Mr. Graham also said he does not mind the gender.

This is their first baby which makes it more exciting she said.

Mrs. Graham and Mr. Graham are already thinking of baby names. ” I would like a name with a good meaning. I would like the name to mean something.” said Mrs. Graham.

Mr. Graham says that he is excited and looking forward to becoming a new father.