Student of the Month: Somari Torres

September winner


Kelvi' McCray

CONGRATS: “It feels good to be recognized for doing hard work.” Somari said.

Kelvi' McCray, Staff Writer

Somari Torres achieved being chosen the female Student of the Month for September.

“It feels good to be recognized for doing hard work” Torres said.

Somari said she thinks she got student of the month because, “Im hardworking, and I get the work done regardless of the situation.”

In Somari’s free time she said she likes to babysit and watch Netflix or go out to new places with her older sister.

After high school, she said she wants to “Go to UCF, then go to medical school to get a job as an cardiologist then returning to UCF for a business major,”

“I’m most passionate about  drawing, reading books and taking care of my younger siblings” she said.

“If I could give one message to the freshmen here, it would be to stop playing around and take your freshman year serious because it will catch up with you eventually.”