Journalism life

Cia'la Smith, Staff Writer

On November 6, 8 students and 3 adult chaperones went on the magic school bus on that early Saturday morning.

They went for the Florida Scholastic Press Association, a journalism workshop where people get to learn more about journalistic media and other types of media.

It was held at Florida Atlantic University. “It felt nice to be on a college campus,” said Denver Jean , a Junior in the Medical Academy.

There were 50 sessions for people to choose from.

Priscilla Smith, one of the chaperones, said that one of the sessions that stood out to her the most was, “The Importance of Publications,” that was operated by Kennedy McKinney. She said it focused on the pros and cons of making things public.

She said some of the pros were that you make people aware of things they didn’t already know, but some of the cons were that you could expose a specific person, situation, or incident. The take-backs from that is that you have to be very careful with publications because of the backlash that could come about if a certain situation or individual is exposed she said.

Denver Jean said that he went to an interviewing session which was a brush up for him to remember how to do things properly. He said that the woman did a good job and that she was well mannered.

“My favorite session was the photography session because I like to take pictures and I always want to know more.” said Sephora Charles, a Senior in the Journalism Academy. She also said that it was about the parts of a camera.

There is a state event for FSPA that Mr. Hanif said he is looking forward to. He said Mrs. Latson already approved it. It will be taking place in Orlando.

Ms. Smith said that she is going to try to hold a fundraiser so that students can enjoy the workshop.

Sephora Charles said that she hopes that we have the state FSPA because it’s even more advanced, and I am looking forward to that.

For more information about state FSPA, you can go to the FSPA website or see Mr. Hanif in room 203.