Tragedy strikes again

MEMORABILIA: Stuffed animals, balloons, and flowers left in front of Oxford High to honor the fallen victims.

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MEMORABILIA: Stuffed animals, balloons, and flowers left in front of Oxford High to honor the fallen victims.

On Tuesday November 30th, 15 year old, Ethan Crumbley opened fire at Oxford High School. Three students, 14 year old, Hana St. Juliana, 16 year old, Tate Myre, and 17 year old, Madisyn Baldwin were killed on the spot. It was later announced that 17 year old, Justin Shillings died due to fatal injuries in the hospital. Seven individuals, including a teacher, were injured.

According to the New York Times, Oakland County’s sheriff said that the shooter had recorded video evidence of the weapon days before the incident.  He also elaborated on his desire to harm students at the school in his personal journal. On the day before and of,  Crumbley’s parents were called to the school’s office  for suspected behavioral issues. However, he was sent back to class.

According to video surveillance, he was seen entering the bathroom with his backpack and coming out with a gun. He walked through the halls, shooting at unsuspecting students, inside and out of class. He surrendered when the sheriffs caught up to him. Crumbley will be charged as an adult in court, along with his parents, who were later charged for manslaughter.

In 2021 alone, there has been a recorded total of 21 school shootings in America. Thousands of innocent students have lost their lives to gun violence. The 2nd Amendment states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” Meaning that everyone in the US should have the right to own a gun, in simple terms. However, in recent years, heightened school shootings and related gun violence seem to discredit this idea.

While it is necessary to be protected, I believe that more restrictions should be implemented. As a student, I shouldn’t be worried that one day I might not go home. Or that today might be the last day that I kiss my family goodbye. The U.S. government needs to do better in protecting or lives, whether that is through more laws, or restrictions. I also believe that it is up to schools to detect sketchy behaviors in student before it ends fatally. For example, students and teachers at Oxford warned the officials, however, Crumbley was still allowed to return to class. We, as a society need to make sure that this is the last time our children’s names will be used as hashtags and news headlines.

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