The initiation

NHS Recap

Dafany Miranda-Zepeda, Staff Writer


 Inductees of the National Honor Society walked through the Media Center, in order, by last name on October 8th. 

“Once again I would like to say congratulations, thank you and continue to sparkle,” said Ms. Latson, the principal. She presented the welcome speech for the induction ceremony. 

Natasha Carrioza, a writer and a Multicultural National Poetry Award Winner in 2013, delivered a inspirational speech. 

“You have faced some challenges but you have been rising to the occasion and here we are. Today is an accomplishment,” said Carrioza.

“I want you to dream, dream bigger than you can imagine. I want you to celebrate yourself. I want you to know you are special. I want you to know there are people in your corner.” 

Gabriel Gerig, the president of the National Honor Society said, Natasha Carrioza could not make it to the event in person, however, all her good vibes were with everyone on that day. 

Student speakers had speeches on the four principles of the National Honor Society. 

One of the principles, character, was spoken by Cinthia Gonzalez, a Senior in the Pre-Law Academy who is the Vice president of the NHS. 

“By the time you guys graduate we will make sure that we fulfill our duty to  make sure we achieve great character in each and every single one of you, after high school and beyond,” said Gonzalez. 

The scholarship speech was performed by Eirel Montinola, a Junior in the Nursing Academy who is the Secretary of NHS. 

Montinola said, “Continue asking questions, continue wanting to know why, continue wanting to know more because that is what defines scholarship.” 

The service speech  was orated by Jonathan Eugene, a Junior in the Nursing Academy and one of the Community Service Coordinators. 

“Taking part in these service activities will make a difference to not only you, but those around you so I want you to take on your duty of service with the right attitude for the betterment of others.”

The Leadership speech was presented by Gerig.

“You just need to lead by example and always show the best version of yourself  that will be the best leadership example, that people  want to follow your footsteps, that people see you’re in the National honor society and they say I want to be like that person.”

Ms. Reyes, a NHS Co-Sponsor, showcased the Historian Report of 2020-2021 which included community service events, fundraisers, and recreational day. 

NHS Co-Sponsor, Mr. Doby presented the NHS members’ pledge for the inductees to follow. Following the Pledge for the members, Mr. Doby conducted the Officer pledge for the new officers of 2021-2022. 

“Now that you have been inducted into the national honor society, your life should follow the NHS motto, Noblesse Oblige, in broader terms, it signifies that those of high rank have the obligation to behave honorably, generously, and responsibly to others,” said Ms. Reyes.

The closing remarks were presented by Mr. Sim, Chief Operating Officer. 

“No one gave you this, you worked for it. That is equivalent to a high paying job, that is equivalent to getting into med school , that is equivalent to one day getting into law school, that’s what that certificate is equivalent to. It’s valuable, so treasure it,” said Mr. Sims.