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Mr. Hanif

WORK HARD: The PubTeam conducted their daily staff meeting.

Nashaika Joseph , Staff Writer

  The importance of journalism has always been defined by the value of information. To possess information is to possess power, and without it a society can’t run. It’s the lifeline to knowing all things. Journalists educate the public about events and issues and how they affect their lives. “There are a million stories that you can write about that happen in just one day” – C.B Hanif.

I’ve learned that no matter what goes on in a single day it can always be turned into a story. Being in this class has taught me that journalism is about going out and finding news, going out and being a ‘watchdog’ of the world. Coming to this class I wanted to help people in some way, and I feel that journalism has given me the platform to do just that and more. Journalism has given me a different perspective of “telling stories”, before the information is swayed by thoughts and opinions of someone else. I myself want to find what exactly happened, and what caused it to happen, also making sure that it has a credible source in order to give any information out.

Journalism for me is all about getting the facts, the story and publishing it for the world to see. Great articles change people’s opinions, poke them to do something different or enlighten them about extraordinary things they didn’t know. This class has taught me to have a different look on just that. Journalism is not just about finding facts and posting it on a blog, it’s a true art. “The work that you are publishing should look award winning, and if it’s not, ask yourself why”. – C.B Hanif, Mr.Hanif has given me a different view on journalism since being in his class, from the way you take picture and how just the angle your holding the camera can set a different look on how the picture comes out, to the story your writing and how different words can capture people’s attention.

Student journalists get to write about things that matter to them and their peers. The pub team has taught me that we also have many opportunities to generate story ideas on topics that we like and that we feel like people need to know. Being apart of my journalism class and having the pub team and my teacher to help me made it one of the most significant  developments in my learning and academic growth due to learning how to research specific topics, organizing details, and writing those details down in specific ways to draw the reader in, but also making sure facts were accurate and true. Journalism is a true art it is a lifeline to knowing all things and how to live, taking journalism 2 has given me a broader perspective on news in itself and my classmates who are more advanced have me an outlook on the reality of journalist and journalism and it has helped me and more ways than one and my vision and how I viewpoint on how I interpret things has changed immensely.