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Shaeina Thomas, Staff Writer

Canes welcomed a new English teacher named Mr. Morehouse to the 2022 school year. This took place due to the lack of English teachers and the need for students to take English classes to graduate.

“There are new English teachers because Ms. Melbourne, the English four teacher left to become an elementary teacher, Mr. Zito retired,” said Principal Tonja Lindsey-Latson.

Mr. Morehouse said his favorite quote by Sadhguru, an Indian yoga guru, is “Education is about empowerment, about cultivating a human being to the highest possible potential a tool for fulfilling the immensity of being.”

Mr. Morehouse was born and raised in Indiana. He said he loves to travel, read, and see interesting sights.

He attended Purdue University, Francis Marion University, Indiana Wesleyan University.

He started off in Advertising and Communications, English Language Arts, and Mechanical Technology. He said throughout his 14th year of teaching, he taught English, Reading, Media, Mythology, and Creative Writing.

Mr. Morehouse said he gained a purpose in his life by helping and serving others. β€œAs a teacher, I feel as if I have an opportunity to help others be successful and that adds to my personal purpose.” 

“I would love to see and find a strategy that would help students create a perspective change in the purpose of education to be one that views education as an opportunity to gain knowledge and as a guide to their interests,” he said.Β 

Mr. Morehouse said his teaching style varies from audio, visual, and hands-on along with β€œquizzes and class discussions help me to see if the students are understanding and comprehending the topics of the daily lesson.”

β€œI like to use the Socratic method of teaching for a deeper understanding of the concepts while creating a culture and relaxed atmosphere within the classroom,” he said.

β€œHe is an amazing teacher and I am thankful for him for letting me finish my work during lunch in his class, for helping me when I have a hard time,” said Virginia Francisco, a 12th grade in the Medical Academy in his first-period class.Β 

β€œI think that education and knowledge should be shared by everyone, and everyone has a purpose of creating and adding knowledge while in the classroom,” said Mr. Morehouse. “Cooperation, an open mind, and mutual respect help to create the atmosphere/culture of the class.”