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Shania Mckellar, Staff Writer

On Feb.16, the board held an assembly to present the Pre-architecture Academy and food was served by the Culinary students.

“The career advisory board is a panel of industry professionals that line up with the career programs that we have and their job is to be able to help us with job shadowing or internships and also keep us in touch of what’s going on in the industry meaning if the software changes or if the curriculum needs to change. Typically education is a little bit behind the actual workflow so it’s a great opportunity for them to keep us in check and know what’s going on,” said Mr. McDermott, Assistant principal of the career department.

At the meeting, the committee presented themselves to the team by giving their reasons on how they can impact students in different careers and the community.

“We joined the advisory board because we like to help. We’re lawyers in the community and we like to be involved with the Pre-Law students and get them exposed to the public defenders, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, and all the different areas of law you can imagine.” said attorney Debra Jenks.

The students unveiled their outline which they have been working on for the past few months.

“This project was about Otis and helping the public. We incorporated all of our ideas into providing for the elderly and those with disabilities. We took this up with the board of careers in order to put this into function for field trips, funding’s and other things needed, ” said Ranneria Young, a Junior in the Engineering Academy.

“Our project is for the betterment of our community to make it safer for everyone who needs help and to make everything more accessible,” said Junior Zoe Harmueller, the project leader.

“This event overall was amazing. From the start, we rehearsed in the morning and right before the V.I.P came in and everything came out perfect and how I wanted it. I am really proud of my teammates, they did a good job and I loved it.” said Senior in the Culinary Academy, head chef Samantha Rivas