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Scholastic Journalism Week

Dafany Miranda-Zepeda, Managing Editor

Every year the Journalism Education Association(JEA) schedules a national event dedicated to student journalists focused on how important their publication is to the community.  The event takes place near the last week of February. 

The week  is called Scholastic Journalism Week and begins today on February 21-25th.  It has a different theme each year, however, it is not just in that specific week that scholastic journalists will be celebrated, the theme is held throughout the entire year.

For 2022, Scholastic Journalism theme is “Amplifying voices.” According to the JEA, “[amplifying voices] asks students and advisers how they are going to not only amplify their voices, but how they are going to amplify the voices of those that may be unheard.”

Within the theme of “Amplifying Voices” comes daily themes such as how today is “Making Connections.”

While the themes help set an idea for Scholastic Journalism Week it is not a requirement to follow them because the JEA states, “Promote #everydayjournalism — any story can make a difference.” 

Each year our publication team creates stories that involve our school news, opinions, and many other categories. All of them involve journalism in different ways and that is what makes our site. 

Here are some articles from GroveWatch where our past journalism students have amplified their own voices or stories that have been under the radar:

As Scholastic Journalism Week begins we hope to continue amplifying student voices and the community voices just as our past writers have done.