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Shaeina Thomas

DEDICATED: Canes work hard to have a better GPA.

Shaeina Thomas , Staff Writer

Sometimes students need a little help when it comes to their education. They need someone willing to help even when they feel like giving up because COVID-19 had been difficult for students. 

According to a study by Kofoed et al. (2021), they found that students in online courses performed worse than their peers in in-person courses.

The issues that student faces while having online classes are looking at a computer screen for hours, not having access to the internet, and having to get a laptop for school. These issues put many students under a lot of stress and pressure to keep up with all the work there getting.

Edgenuity gives the students a better chance to learn something they didn’t learn while taking the class during quarantine.

Edgenuity is a credit recovery program that allows students to take classes on a virtual platform to make up classes they failed or receive D’s or F’s.

When students use this platform they can meet their requirements faster and have a better chance of passing only if they complete all the work that the program provides them with and they attend Edgenuity every day. 

This program has been around the school district for many years and it’s used when a certain percentage of students have not met their graduation requirements and their GPA is extremely low.

The school only uses this platform when it’s necessary. This is to help students with their GPA by replacing Fs and D’s with C’s or higher. When students complete Edgenuity, they will have met the requirements meaning they won’t have to take Edgenuity again. For example, one of the requirements is to have a 2.0 GPA.

This program helps students at risk of not graduating to fix their GPA. They can fix their GPA faster than taking regular classes over again. It gives them a second chance to fix the mistakes of the past.

There are a lot of students that were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and some of them had difficulty maintaining their GPA. Mr. Lopez the Senior AP and the staff member that helps with Edgenuity said they wanted to help students to improve their GPAs faster and help them with their graduating requirements.

Mr. Lopez said, “work hard now, enjoy the fruits of your labor later.”