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Sharing stories

Shania Mckellar, Staff Writer

Owner of Divinecandleco, Junior at Palm Beach Garden High School, Erika Jacques. “We make homemade candles, wax melt, and other meditation items. I started because I once suffered from depression and candles were one of my outlets to relax and ease my mind. In the summer of 2020, I began my business.

When I started I had people around me that were business owners but weren’t candlemakers so in a sense I started alone. So far my business is doing, I have a couple of customers who have shared their stories with me and the goal is to continue helping people around the world,” said Jacques.

Owner of C.hulassnailss, Palm Beach Central High School graduate, Karla Pena.” My business is doing nails. I began last year officially but a few years back I would paint my little cousin’s nails every two weeks so I can learn by myself.

I am self-taught and learning little by little. My business has been growing every day and I’m proud of how it’s going,” said Pena.

Owner of Creationbyarii Junior in the Pre-medical Academy, Aryion Washington. “My business is for sweets and treats.Β  I started because I enjoy doing it and felt like I should challenge myself.

It occurred at home when I was bored and had a lot of spare time. My business happened on January 23rd of this year. I began alone but eventually got help from my family and it’s actually been doing great and customers enjoy it,” said Washington.

Owner of Slayedbyxtina, and graduated student from Atlantic Community High School, Christina Damis. “I started my hairstyling business specifically for braids and locs. I started because people would always ask me to do their hair and they encouraged me to start taking it seriously.

When I did one of my friends dread locs and posted it on my social media and people wanted me to their hair as well. I officially started in September 2020. I began by myself but I’ve had some training from other stylists with more experience. From then my business has been going well and I’ve been booked out every month,” said Damis.