SJW: School renovation


Ken'Naiyah Chaney

FOCUSED: During second period, students in Mr. Michel Pre-Calculus class were taking a test.

Ken'Naiyah Chaney, Staff Writer

School improvement is an important part of high-quality teaching and educational learning. Being focused on better class instruction can have a positive impact on students’ performance. In order for that, schools must create a plan which involves identifying the problem than making the change. Students and teachers who attend Inlet Grove were asked to speak up about their school.Β Β 

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Ashley Goldstein, reading and English instructor said, β€œ The best part of my school day is interacting with my students and watching them begin to love reading. Not all of them do. Most, in fact, typically have disliked reading for years.” 

β€œWhether it is because of the books they’ve been reading or how they struggle with comprehension, most students come to me having a negative outlook on reading.

β€œUsually, by the end of the semester, the majority of my students have found at least one book they’ve enjoyed reading and have a new outlook on it. Hopefully, that’s something they take with them when they leave my class,” Mrs. Goldstien said.

β€œThe hardest thing about school is staying motivated when things get hard. One way the school can be improved is to continue to reward students for doing the right things and create an atmosphere that allows school pride to grow,” Mrs. Goldstien said.

Racheal Day, a reading teacher said, β€œ The best part is seeing my students in the morning and just talking to students, answering their questions, or helping them with something, etc.”

The hardest thing in her opinion about school is β€œKeeping organized with all of the tasks I have to complete: lesson planning, giving students feedback, planning senior class activities, paperwork, emailing parents. There are so many different things that have to get done in a day,” said Mrs. Day.

Mrs. Day said the school needs no change “but I think it will be good when we get our new building. Also, I hope we maintain our school grade of A.”

Naywona Graham Medical Academy instructor said, “The best part of my day is first when students say hello to me in the morning and genuinely seem happy to see me as if I have made a difference in their lives.”

β€œWhen students are engaged in the topic I am teaching and ask questions and when the “light bulb” goes off and a student really gets it, whatever it is…that Ah-Ha moment. It is BLISS.”

Nurse Graham said the hardest thing about school right now is β€œgetting students to comply with dress code. It is, unfortunately, my job, which I am constantly reminded about by Dr. Banks and my students just don’t see the relevance so they do not comply and at times are just disrespectful,” said Mrs. Graham.Β 

“The school can be improved Aesthetically, said Nurse Graham β€œMurals, Art, lively landscapingΒ  In General: More high school-related activities such as educational assemblies and fun assemblies. I think these things would give the students a sense of ownership of their school. Maybe some of them would stop being so disrespectful,” said Mrs. Graham

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Students at Inlet Grove spoke up and had some things to say.

Klorskyne Laguerre, a senior in Medical Academy said, β€œThe best part of my school day is lunch when I can meet with my friends and be free of school work and class. The hardest thing about school is the big test that we have to take such as SAT, ACT, etc.” She said,Β  “One way that the school can be improved is the staff and teachers putting themselves in our shoes.”

Neriah Cooper, a senior in Medical Academy said the best part of her school day is β€œtaking tests and getting scores back so I can see where I’m at and to see if I need to be more on track. She added the hardest thing about school is β€œ Keeping all my work balanced for all classes I get and getting all my work done but trying to do another class at once is complicated.”

“I think the school can be improved by providing more teachers that make sure students have it down packed, take their time on the assignments, and go at a pace at teaching that the whole class agrees with,” Cooper said.

Gerlandine Exil senior in Culinary Academy said, “the best part of my school day is seeing my friends they make me laugh and help me get on top of my work. If I missed something they’ll help make sure I still get my work turned in. Even if I miss school they take up for me and make sure that I’m not slacking.

Exil said, β€œthe worst thing about school my opinion is the work it’s because like I have four classes where they expect me to give them 110% of my focus and my work ethic so that’s kinda hard but at least I still get through it and make sure I have to study every day the hardest thing about school. The school can improve their teacher assistance by having a student come and help us as teachers can’t help the whole classroom so it’s good with other students helping her to do our work.”