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Shaeina Thomas

RIHANNA: Mr. Haines said his favorite quote is “When you realize who you live for, and who’s important to please, a lot of people will start living. I am never going to get caught up in that. I’m going to look back on my life and say that I enjoy it – and I lived it for me.”

Shaeina Thomas , Staff Writer

Canes welcome a new staff member to the 2022 school year. Mr. Haines is the school’s new therapist, his office is located in building 2. He’s available during school hours just send him an email to book an appointment.  

Mr. Haines is a native of Riviera Beach, Florida, who graduated from William T Dwight High school and 2002. During high school, he was actively involved in the school choir, ROTC, swimming team, and the wrestling team.

“I was nominated for the Palm Beach Post Pathfinder award and wrestling team. It is important to note that I was diagnosed with a learning disability and battled with anxiety and depression while in high school,” he said. 

Mr. Haines said “I struggled academically for the first two years of high school and attended summer school one year. However, in my junior year, I was able to turn my grades around to graduate. Also, my family struggled a great deal during my high school years. I was raised by a single mother who had five kids and worked multiple jobs. A mother had me when she was 16 and lost her mother the following year while attending high school. “

He served in the military for eight years as a chaplain assistant and the United States Army.

“I was stationed in Oklahoma, South Korea, Virginia, Maryland, South Carolina. As a performer, a song a solo in Walt Disney World candlelight processional, tour with my college choir throughout California, I appeared in the movie Blackbird. ” 

He receives his Bachelors of Science in Sociology from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University in Tallahassee, Florida. “I received my Master’s of science in counseling psychology with a certificate in psychotherapy from Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland. ” 

Mr. Haines love spending time with his family and friends, exploring new places, and trying the food. 

“I’m always down for a good adventure. Some of my hobbies include research, mentoring, traveling, working out, yoga, meditation photography, and performing.”

“Assisting you all in navigating you are thoughts, actions, and emotions while being able to see you discover and embrace who you are as an individual,” he said. 

“The most rewarding thing about being a counselor is being able to step into the stories of our superheroes, help them sharpen their skills to navigate through life’s ups and downs, and then watch them take what they’ve learned to make good decisions based on the core values I’ve helped instill, nurture, stretch, and grow.”

Mr. Haines said “I love learning with my students about laughter and love, healing, and hope. And I’m positively inspired by how compassionate, joyful, resilient, gracious, grateful, forgiving, and kind children can be. They are my day makers, and I thrive on those daily face-to-face interactions with them.”