Haunted Houses

BEFORE THE BOO! Many students and staff volunteered in advance to make this year’s Haunted House a scare.

The classic haunted house: fake blood and spider webs made of cotton. Eeeekkk! So scary, I nearly wet my pants.

The average haunted house: not so scary.

Too many people say they love haunted houses, but don’t know what a haunted house is. A haunted house would imply a house visited or occupied by a ghost, not a creepy building decorated to scare people. In addition to the average haunted house not being scary, the label’s also misleading.

Inlet Grove hosted a Haunted House on Friday the 30th in the cafeteria. Although, are haunted houses really worth paying for? Could you even call it a haunted house?

No. Inlet is not haunted. There are no ghosts in sight.

So what was the point in going?  Some would argue that Inlet is a scary scene at night or early in the morning when the sun hasn’t risen, but students spend hours at school every day. Therefore, Inlet couldn’t possibly seem scary, let alone haunted.

Why people would subject themselves to intentional terror is beyond me, but apparently being scared out of your mind makes a haunted house enjoyable. At Inlet, you can’t expect to be scared.

If they really wanted to scare students, why not take a school trip to a truly haunted asylum, where the angry souls can jump out and get you?