Ensuring success


Leah Robinson

WORKING HARD: Mr. Brown pursues working toward seniors achievements.

Leah Robinson, Staff Writer

It is almost that time of year.. graduation for the seniors. Seniors have recently been working to make sure they meet all requirements to walk across the stage.

Graduation coach Mr. Howard Brown, has worked and still continues to work with the seniors to guarantee their success. “I helped each senior by giving them SAT and ACT practice packets to help build the skill set to pass,” he said.

He also said that he and others were able to talk to a few teachers to help students get tutoring to set them up to practice and pass.

Throughout the whole process Mr. Brown said that he feels great. “ I feel greatly about this because with covid some kids did not receive certain opportunities. Now they are able to get the educational needs needed.” said Mr. Brown.

Over the announcements the students were congratulated on their success with passing their requirements.

“The materials given to us to prepare for the test was very helpful. I felt more confident going into the test.” said Princely Jean Baptiste, a senior in the Pre- Architecture and Engineering academy.

“I am proud of Inlet Grove students for studying and practicing so that they are able to reach their graduation requirement,” said Mr. Brown.