Indispensables in office


Leah Robinson

FUNDAMENTAL: Ms. Hernandez shows some of her essentials to have in the office.

Leah Robinson, Staff Writer

In late August of 2021, Ms. Hernandez, who is also called “Ms.Gege” joined the canes in becoming the schools administrative assistant. “I am an administrative assistant to all principals. I deal with any issues the kids have before it goes to the principles,” said Ms. Hernandez.

Ms. Hernandez said that she is pretty much the first contact before any principles. Although Ms. Hernandez makes her job look easy, she said that it can get stressful. “ It absolutely does have its stressful times. ” Even in those times, Ms. Hernandez’s favorite part of her job never changed.

“My favorite part of my job is watching the kids grow. Watching you guys mentally grow up is definitely rewarding,” said Ms. Hernandez.

There are things that contribute to the operation of the office. Such as things Ms. Hernandez finds imperative in order to keep things afloat such as the following:

Ms. Hernandez considers pens to be a must have.
“I run out of pens here everyday. My pens are always gone,” said Ms.Gege.

Late passes
“If I don’t have late passes every single day this office would not run,” Ms. Gege said.

“Highlighters don’t go missing as much as my pens but they are another thing of importance.”

“My emails, I see and send so many emails throughout the day. I am able to help you guys be able to make up things.”

“Working in a school is nothing like watching ‘The Office’. You actually have to work,” said Ms. Hernandez.