Media Center for the Digital Age

The Media Center is transitioning from being a location for lending books to the digital hub where students may learn how to access information.

Peggy Bell, the librarian, who has served 10 years at Inlet Grove High School, says “the goal of the library is to encourage learners to become critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, ethical, skillful researchers/users of 21st century technology.”

“It includes how to use technology for learning, creating and discovering more about the world we live in,” added Mrs. Bell, “In the past few years, this library has been used as a meeting place, restaurant, coffee house, lecture hall, memorial hall and moot (what is this?) court room.”

Mrs. Bell says the library rules are:

  • Be doing something productive.
  • Be respectful of library materials and of other library users.
  • Leave food, drinks and loud voices outside.
  • Have a pass from the teacher to whose class you are listed.

“I think the library is a fun and educational place where you can do research,” said Yvemerson Vilsaint, a junior in the Web Design Academy. “Mrs. Bell is extremely helpful with her knowledge and experience.”

“The library is an excellent place for kids to come and do their research for other classes and do their homework,” said Donell Mangum, a sophomore in the TV Production Academy.

Although the library’s focus is for students ages 14-18, material for pre-school children through college is available in print and through the learning tools of the school district:

The username and password for eLibrary is: palmbeach, palmbeach, according to the IGHS Library Users’ Guide which are available in the Media Center on Ms. Bell’s desk.