Welcome ‘Home’ Boovs


Home, an animated film directed by Tim Johnson released March 27, definitely is a movie to remember and bring peace to all.

The Boovs, aliens from the planet Boov, are on an extremely dangerous mission to escape the Gorg, an alien life form on the brink of extinction.

The Boovs, led by Smek (Steve Martin), change color according to their moods. Their “home” color is purple, but they turn green or red depending on the situation, while other features shape-shift.

The Boovs, who also possess the egg of the Gorg’s next generation, take over planet Earth, placing all the humans in Australia – all except one.

Jim Parsons, known for playing Sheldon Cooper in the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory, plays the role of the irritating Oh. He accidentally sends a party invite to the Gorg that, if not deleted in time, will lead to the Gorg finding the Boov’s new home and destroying it.

Now a fugitive, Oh goes on the run with a young girl named Tip (Rihanna), and promises to help her find her mother, who was unexpectedly abducted by Oh’s kind.

Although the first 20 minutes might seem bipolar with this annoying creature walking and talking to people, it definitely gets better in the middle. There are some gross jokes that are funny but some may find corny.

Their adventure leads to Oh learning that “earthlings” are not as simple as he’d been told. Oh learns to enjoy many things about human life, such as the music, dance and attitudes he learned from Tip.

Oh sacrifices his life, freedom and safety for the well-being of his friend, who is endangered due to the email that has the Gorg on the way to destroy Earth to get back the egg.

The messages are positive and the movie all around clean. It was entertaining and funny enough to keep my attention, which is rare. I highly recommend it.