New school, new experience

Hello, I am Micaja Jeune, a sophomore in the Journalism Academy, and those who know me, you know that I’m new at Inlet Grove Community High School.

Finding out that I was transitioning to a new school was nerve-wrecking, and I felt it was unnecessary. My mother had informed me about Inlet Grove, and as I am open to new ideas, I decided to check it out. My sister attends the school as well and she informed me of the friendly people and the many career choices.

Getting dropped off in front of this unfamiliar building and being surrounded by students wearing different career uniforms was a nice experience. However that did not stop the swarm of butterflies in my stomach.

The sun was shining brightly which gave me a comforting feeling that I could do this, that I had nothing to worry about, and I was going to be just fine. The staff at the front desk were so nice and took their time to help me around.

Before going to class, I decided to take a small walk around to familiarize myself with the campus so I wouldn’t get lost! What I liked, standing in front of the main office, was the long infinite-looking halls.

I also peeked around and saw a hallway were there were deep blue benches along the side and big bushes waving at me. I admired the abundance of plants. Looking through the cafeteria doors, I saw the Culinary students wasting no time to get to work, rolling up their sleeves to get to down to business. I wondered what they were going to cook up.

I had this mindset that everything was going to go bad, and just turn ugly, but it went the complete opposite! The students and teachers were nice and welcoming. I’ve come to look forward to my second period which is Mr. Hanif’s Journalism class. I love learning about Journalism; just the idea of bringing news to people all around, and that they can read my work, just excites me. Plus, I think I’ve already gotten a head start with this creative mind. My classes are all unique, which I like, also the teachers, how each of them is  different.

I’m slowly adjusting to Inlet and looking forward to working on my future. I’ve come to see that the school itself is very promising, rewarding and goal-oriented. The staff is outstanding and very helpful. The students gave me a great welcome. They are nice and are dedicated to their career choices.

Although there are some downsides to the school, the pequena (little things) trump them all. I’ve also reconnected with some of my old friends. It’s a small world at Inlet Grove after all.