Advertising should be banned

I hate having ads pop out on my computer or mobile device or while I’m watching my favorite television show.

Every five minutes they put advertising on a TV show or a movie or a documentary and it gets really annoying.

The reason I think advertising should be banned is because most of the time the ads are not helpful. In addition many of the ads are aimed only at the rich or wealthy people who can afford the products. That makes many people get irritated.

Every year at least 10 ads get banned because of sexual content, with girls getting half-naked for certain items or fashions.

Plus, most of the time ads don’t give good information. Sometimes they give people fake prices that make products or services seem cheap. Then when you call the number it will be some crazy guy in India saying you should buy it before the offer expires.

Ever notice how you can tell that a computer has a virus when you see too many ads popping out of nowhere?

Also, if you want no commercials on TV you have to pay extra money every month.

To me, having advertising on TV or any mobile device is like having another virus messing up your computer.