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NEW TO CADY?: “There’s more to Senior year beyond the cap and gown.” – Cady Studios

Shania Mckellar, Photo Editor

Cady Studios representative Mrs. McClain spoke with the Advanced journalism students about Senior class portraits On Sept. 7. The AJ students gathered this information to share with upperclassmen.

McClain went over how to book on their website, the prices, the scenes provided and the differences between the sessions.

“We have three different types of sessions. We have our traditional session which is the $30, $50 and the $75 session” she said, “The difference between the three is the number of scenes that you will receive and the amount of time that you will be in the studio taking your photos and the amount of photos that you will end with.”

Cady Studios also has an Elite unlimited, plus, and best value session which costs $399, $299, and $199. All sessions come with a $200 product coupon, yearbook scenes, private photographer, unlimited studio scenes, and premier retouching. Not all sessions come with the destination scene, “Our $399 session is the only one that has the anywhere scene”, said Mrs. McClain. 

 Their last session which is the Most popular session, $129, which includes the Yearbook scene, 4 studio scenes, basic outdoor scenes, and enhanced retouching. 

Mrs. McClain also went over the Senior Panoramic picture that will be taken on Jan.18 of the new year. “There’s a choice of a silly, formal, and gutter pose”, said McClain. 

The gutter photo is when the pictures that take up two pages of the yearbook split in the middle. The last pose is when all of the Seniors go out to the football field and form the numbers 23, the year they will graduate. 

Mrs. McClain expressed why Cady Studios prices are so high. “The question I would expect the most was about the prices. I’m glad you guys asked because our photos are great.”