Near the finish line


Shania Mckellar

FEELING 23: Senior, Keruschy Francois shows off the class of 2023 Senior shirt. Students received their shirts after the assembly. “Three years down, one more year to go. Said Francois. Making this last year epic.”

Leah Robinson, Copy Editor

Seniors assembled on Monday of Aug.29 in the auditorium, to discuss the importance of staying on track in order for them to graduate. The assembly was led by Senior advisor Mrs. Latson, and Senior sponsors, Mrs. Day and Mrs. Goldstein.

The assembly covered key information such as Herff Jones cap and gowns, grad bash, graduation requirement credits, community service, online credits and college acceptance.

In addition to keeping Senior students afloat, they have a google classroom. “Seniors have access to all information and resources and can also contact for any questions,” said Mrs. Latson.

In order to be able to graduate, students need to pass their reading and math requirements. “ I meet with the Seniors once a month to make sure they are on track and meeting requirements,” said Mrs. Latson. Students are able to take the SAT on Oct.12 as well as the FSA retakes that are from Sept.12 all the way through the 30. The two tests help to fulfill their requirement.

Grad bash will be on April 28th of 2023. In order for Seniors to be approved to go to Grad Bash, they must pay on time, have no referrals, good attendance, and two letters of acceptance from either a college, trade school, or military.

As the school year goes by there will be more things to look out for and more information to be acquired.

“I’m looking forward to working alongside Mrs. Day, our new Senior class officers, and these amazing Seniors!” said Mrs. Goldstein.