Make way for the Canes


Annmessa Deroncely

WHAT’S A RAIDER TO A CANE?: After the game against Suncoast scoring 40-0, the canes played a home game against the Glade Central Raiders on Oct.13 where they won, 10-6.

Erna Delice and Jason Eugene

The home crowd painted the stadium pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month as the now 5-1 Hurricanes defeated the visiting Glade Central Raiders 10-6 on Oct.13.

Both teams put up a fight all night on a rain soaked field, with multiple penalty flags and tension in the air given that Rashad Jackson, now leading the surprising Canes, formerly coached the Raiders.

The first quarter closed with a field goal by the Canes’ Emmanuel Cleonard.

But a Raiders’ touchdown at 9:31 in the second quarter had them feeling victory and their fans rocking the stands with “We ready for y’all.” Their two-point conversion attempt failed.

So did the comeback. After a Canes timeout, quarterback Legend Felican’s bomb to Kian Johnson resulted in a 10-6 Canes halftime lead.

“We all contributed, so I feel quite good about my performance tonight,” said Senior Emmanuel Cleonard. “We came out and played hard and made sure we had everything we needed to win.”