Disruptive students, oh no!


Micaja Jeune

PEACE: A room of silence and serenity … until the disruptive students come in, that is.

Have you ever been in a class where the teacher had to stop teaching because students were being disruptive?

The purpose of school is to teach students to become their best and to form a future for themselves. But some Inlet Grove students are just defeating that purpose.

If you are not happy with the lesson that is being taught, or the teacher … too bad, suck it up! That doesn’t give you an excuse to act up. It doesn’t mean you can start side conversations, walk around when you’re not supposed to, break the rules and more importantly ruin it for the students who want to succeed. They are here for a reason too!

“I’m furious with the incompetent students who disturb my peace and stop my learning process,” said Guerline Jean-Francios, a sophomore in the Culinary Academy.

“I feel as if the disruptive kids make it hard for me to pay attention and learn,” said Tierra Lark, a freshman in the Culinary Academy.”Although I may slip up sometimes I make sure to apologize and do my work.”

It’s very obvious that most students are not happy about this, but what about the teachers?

“I feel extremely frustrated and annoyed,” said English teacher Emma Howard, “because I feel that not only my time but more importantly the students’ time is being wasted. It distracts from what we as a class had to accomplish.”

“I feel that student disruption robs the entire class of its opportunities to learn,” said U.S History teacher Jennifer Riley. “It’s extremely disrespectful and makes you wonder why they would come to school if they are unwilling to get the information that is being presented.”

Being disruptive doesn’t help anybody. You are just wasting your teachers’ time, your parents’ time and your time. Making jokes and making inappropriate comments in class are not worth it.

One cause of students being disrespectful is the teachers, believe it or not. Some teachers don’t know how to put their classrooms in order. They let the students walk out whenever they want. They let the students move their desks to wherever without permission. Some teachers have just plainly given up on controlling their students. Some teachers expect students to respect them and the class, but that’s a non-starter when some of the students don’t even have respect for themselves.

Yet that’s not an excuse for students to be disruptive in class or to disrespect the teacher, no matter who they are or how they teach their class. When a student disrupts class, they lose a lesson, a lesson that could be very important in a test that may determine whether they graduate or not. Would you risk that?

I suggest those disrespectful kids (because you sure act like immature kids) need to get your act together. There is no reason why one should bring up an irrelevant subject in class while the teacher is teaching. That’s just ridiculous!