Don’t wimp out: Learn

We are the next generation and it’s time we take our education seriously.

There is one thing no man can take away from anyone and that is knowledge. Knowledge is the key to success. For high school students education should be taken seriously.

The world is not an easy place; we don’t get anything for free. We have to earn things and the way to do that is starting with our education.

Many of us spend too much time in class talking, playing on our phones, sleeping, and most of all disrespecting the one person that is helping us become better … our teachers. We fail to realize that they don’t need our help, we need theirs.

Teachers will spend their free time to grade missing work that we fail to give them, give us extra credit, and offer after school tutoring just to help students, and most of them fail to take advantage.

Too many opportunities are being given out to students and they don’t take it. Many of you will see where you’ll end up because of the ignorance; on the street, having five kids, on drugs or with some type of sexual diseases.


Close your eyes and think.

Think about the future you would like to have. Think about the kids in other countries that don’t have this opportunity to have a free education. Think about the homeless people we see every day on the street asking for money.

Think about how you can make a difference in the world.