Honor Roll for an ‘A’ school!

C.B. Hanif
'A' SCHOOL PRINCIPAL: Dr. Emma Banks and her Inlet Grove staff celebrated the success of students and their parents in achieving Honor Roll status. Students who earned all A's and B's on report cards, exams, and semester grades made the Honor Roll; while students who earned all A's on report cards, exams, and semester grades made the Principal's Honor Roll.

Students who work hard – and helped make Inlet Grove an ‘A’ school – were rewarded by Dr. Emma Banks and her staff at the Honor Roll Ceremony in the auditorium on Dec.18.

The students and their parents who attended to support them were full of smiles.

The Honor Roll Criteria were that students who earned all A’s on report cards, exams, and semester grades achieved Principal’s Honor Roll recognition.

Students who received all A’s and B’s on report cards, exams, and semester grades achieved Honor Roll recognition.

At the end of the ceremony students were invited to head to the lobby and outside to receive their rewards which included a bumper sticker, and a choice of a cup, lanyard, bracelet or scarf. There were refreshments that included cake and juice.

Here is a list of the students who made Honor Roll:

Principal’s Honor Roll

Joudelyne Altidor

Jessica Biancaniello

Nyoka Fowler

Ivrayem Gendi

Kiara Guerrier

Natalie Hernandez

Rainne Kasik

Ricardo Martinez

Shaylla Renejuste-Robinson

Honor Roll

Winfred Bailey

Aiyanna Brown

Baron Brown

Brittany Campbell

Jammina Claude

Teanna Ellis

Shoumeda Flerigene

Bianca Gede

Michelle Gore

Grayson Griner

Jovani Gutierrez

Jordan Hall

Shannon Hernandez

Shannon James

Ludelyne Jean Louis

Schneimili Jean Pierre

Numgine Jean-Bernard

Wesley Jean-Pierre

Altalischa Jean

Robelle Jean

Shania Jordine

Mitz Rael Joseph

Jamesha Kendall

Stephanie Langlois

Tanija Lark

Wontrea Mcneil

Itza Mendez

Wendy Mendez

Nicholas Mitstifer

Kemeleine Michel

Maria Murillo

Alexandria Neil

Cynthia Ortiz

Juan Pascual-Martin

Jhyv Philor

Briana Pierre

Madyson Roye

Osmara Salazar

Britney Saunders

Chelsea Seignon

Victoria Villalba

Dejanai Williams