More than just an ‘A’ school, Inlet students are SkillsUSA-mazing


Dharma Alcius

CANES GOT SKILLS: Project Leaders (L-R) Terence Graham, Jenny (Dieumitha) Ferdelus, Nondiana Emmanuel and Rakim Williams, demonstrating again why Inlet Grove is an ‘A’ school, produced an original song and video that is among the top five in the nation, and still in the running for the $25,000 top prize, in the SkillsUSA Lowe’s Social Media Competition.

This just in: Inlet Grove is one of just five schools in the United States – and the only school in Florida – to be selected as a finalist in the SkillsUSA Lowe’s Social Media Competition.

Demonstrating again why Inlet Grove is an “A” school, the students wrote an original song and created an original video explaining their plans to create an on-campus art and garden space, said Diane Jacques, the project coordinator.

The school can potentially win a $25,000 prize, she added, or one of two $10,000 awards.

“SkillsUSA is a prestigious, nationally recognized organization, and our national standing gives our kids the competitive edge,” she said.

The next round of the competition will take place in February. At that time Inlet will be in the running to win one of the three prizes. Click on the Lowe’s link for the full article. The announcement also appears on the Inlet Grove Hurricanes’ Facebook page.

“Virtually all of our Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs took part,” said Ms. Jacques, as indicated by the following list she provided.

She encouraged everyone to congratulate and wish the students luck – and stay tuned for the winning video.

Project Leaders
Nondiana Emmanuel
Jenny (Dieumitha) Ferdelus
Terence Graham
Derico Jones
Lorenz Small
Rakim Williams
Students appearing in the video:
Brooke Campbell
Sophia McGlothurn
Kevyn Higgins
Edwina Joseph
Dustin Riley
Jaleel Thomas
Grayson Griner
Jose Murrillo
Lorenz Small
Web Design
Derico Jones
Rakim Williams
Trajauna Johnson
Shirley Pierre
International Baccalaureate:
Nondiana Emmanuel
Commercial Art:
Tony Perez
TV Production
Jenny (Dieumitha) Ferdelus
Rainne Kasik