Jessica Bureau and Erna Delice

The Inlet Grove Hurricanes defeated the Palm Beach Central Broncos on Monday, Jan.9, with a score of 72-67. The undefeated streak continues with a record of 10-0 while tearing down district 7A.

Within 11 seconds into the first quarter the Broncos scored and the Canes shook back. Ja-Sean Penate and Adrian Espinoza carried the first quarter of the game and ended with 25-15.

Senior Samuel Bien-Aime checks in for the first time with 11 seconds left in the half to hit a 3 and give the Canes a 42-34 lead going into the half.

As the last quarter started, tension was in the air and the Broncos were fighting back.

Adrian scores with 5 minutes left in the quarter as Jordan Price doubles it 59-53. The Broncos scored with 3 minutes left , second guessing the Canes victory.

After a couple of free throws within 20 seconds by Tajiri Green, Penate and Espinoza the Canes claimed their territory.

Adrian Espinoza led Inlet towards their win for the night with 18 points. β€œMy family trusted me with the ball, and if it wasn’t for them in transition or setting up plays, I wouldn’t have 18 points,” said Espinoza.