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The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

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The Student News Site Of Inlet Grove High School

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12 YEARS LATER: The senior class of 2024 have reached a milestone in their life, as they reflect on all the growth, work, and achievements throughout their k-12 experience. Family, friends, and many more have gathered together to celebrate this last chapter of an era with tears of joy, and laughter.
To new beginnings
Jessica Bureau, Co-Editor
The uncovering
Lovely Marcelus, Photo Editor
ONE DOWN, FOUR TO GO:  Students participate in a Mental Health Week exercise hosted by Ms. Potter in Room 101 during lunch, earning one of the five Get Your Green On stamps needed to earn a raffle ticket.
Photo of the Day: Mindful Monday
Andrew Mongerard, Staff Writer
STAR OF THE NIGHT: Historian Karma McLeod (Right) honors Danjel Saint-Fleur with a Medal for graduating with his Associate of Arts (AA) degree from Palm Beach State College, at Senior Awards Night, held in the auditorium.
Photo of the Day: Awards and recognition
Jessica Bureau, Co-Editor
Stop motion films
Stop motion films

Morning Announcements

Danica IvEy
SCHOOL NEWS: Patrick Flowers (left) and Dermaya Delva (right) are the current students who are taking over announcements.

Morning announcements are presented every day by the Inlet Groves staff Mr. Lopez, the principal, Ms. Banks, the 9th-grade assistant principal, and Ms. Latson the 12th-grade assistant principal. 

However, for a change, Mr. Lopez and the staff have decided to give students a chance to present the morning announcements. 

Patrick Flowers is the leader of the student morning announcements. At the end of every announcement, Patrick includes a “song of the day”. “The ‘song of the day’ is to give students something else to think about,” said Flowers. “It distracts students from the stress they are feeling in the morning, and it allows them to relieve the stress they have when they start the day off.” 

On the other hand, most students would disagree with Flowers’ song of the day. 

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“I think that it is better to hear a student’s voice”, said Arielle Gibson a junior in the LPN program. “But I don’t like the music, it throws me off. It’s too early.”

“I like it, it’s different because I hear the same voice every day, so hearing a fellow classmate is better,” said Shamaelle Milce, a Junior in the LPN program. “But I don’t like the music at the end either because it sounds glitchy. It makes me want to go to sleep.”

Mr. Lopez said he allows students to do morning announcements because he wants them to take ownership of their school, and enjoy activities. He said he wants this to encourage them to engage in more student events.

“The voice of different classmates every time grabs the attention of students in the morning more than hearing the same voice every day,” said Mr. Lopez.

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  • K

    Kimyra CarnOct 23, 2023 at 1:23 pm

    This was a nicely written story. I liked how you showed different opinions on how others felt about students presenting the morning announcements. In my opinion I think that students doing the morning announcements is a good change for this year because it’s more pleasant to hear a variety of voices rather than just one voice everyday.

  • S

    Silvion BarnesOct 23, 2023 at 1:16 pm

    Good job Danica, this article made me realize how much of a difference having a student saying the announcements makes. Usually when Mr. Lopez says the announcements I zone out but when the students came on it caught my attention like Mr. Lopez said.

  • B

    Brianna MoneusOct 23, 2023 at 1:10 pm

    This was a good article because there has been a lot of talk about how they have let students do the morning announcements and how they play music after the announcements. This article allowed me to understand why they play music after the announcements and who came up with the idea to let students do the morning announcements.

  • S

    Sakiah JosephOct 23, 2023 at 10:58 am

    Students doing the morning announcements is amusing yet informative. I love how students add their own flair to the morning announcements.