MLK Breakfast 2016 Part II

Micaja Jeune, Cordell Green, Shirley Pierre, C.B. Hanif, Aneesha Hanif
Inlet Grove attended the Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast on Jan. 18 2016. Students from different schools were awarded with trophies and certificates on their essays that went with this year’s theme, “living the Dream in Love, Peace and Unity.”

If there was one thing I loved most about the 35th Annual Martin Luther King Breakfast, Jan. 18 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center, it’s when former U.S. Olympian and retired educator Lucinda W. Adams gave her keynote speech. Her speech touched me everywhere. I loved how she described the theme, “Living The Dream in Love, Peace and Unity,” in such a powerful way. She gave so many examples and down-to-earth explanations that, if she had been entered in the MLK competition, I’m sure she would have won first prize.

I also loved taking pictures. Up there looking through the camera and just feeling free and comfortable was the best feeling. I admit that at first I was scared and nervous. I’ve never been a photographer at a huge event where professionals and important people are! The whole place was packed. But then I got a hang of it and it was just me, the camera and my target. Now I consider myself a professional!

I enjoyed the food, the music and meeting people who started out just like me. I started thinking about pursuing my career in Journalism to its fullest. Where you have all these high lawyers, state representatives, mayors and many more, I felt like I belonged. To be among those high officials was just an honor.

I also loved the character of Mrs. Aneesha Hanif, a lovely woman with a diva attitude, and meeting talented and kind people. Going to events like this, being invited to things like this by my Journalism teacher Mr. Hanif, just gives me great determination because I know I have a future and am willing to pursue it.