Ah, Valentine’s Day, so bittersweet

It begins innocently enough.

The stores begin to receive larger sums of chocolate and the flower stands start to overflow with roses. Even the air gets a pink tinge to it. Without anyone saying anything, we already know: February has rolled around, and here comes Valentine’s Day.

It’s the day to share with your significant other, to confess your love to that girl you met last week, to spend excessive sums of money on gifts for people you’ll break up with in a month’s time – but it’s the thought that counts, right?

On such a day of love and affection, bitter hearts mill through the streets. Ah, here they come. The “Singles.”

All jokes aside, this day is a nightmare for people without a love interest. All year they’re able to ignore the lighthearted jokes and questions their friends and family throw at them about their love life – or rather lack of one – and then the dreaded day comes around. “Love is in the air,” as it’s said, and the Singles are choking on it.

“Why,” you may ask, “are these people so bitter?” That’s a good question. Think of all the possibilities that come with a free day without people to bother you. Binging Netflix and chocolate as you think about your (lonely) life choices. Oh, the bliss.

Well there don’t seem to be many positive prospects, but look at the bright side: sales on chocolate on the 15th, and the Deadpool movie on the 12th. Now they just need to stockpile for the rest of the weekend.

So on this day of adoration and affection, show some love to the Singles, and maybe buy them some chocolate.

A little love goes a long way.