Sherane is a person I talk to often.

She has no feelings. She also triggers anger deep within me when she replies with one word or phrase to a text message.

Phrases like “lmao” and “lol” and words like “okay” and “yes” or “no” are some of the prime reasons why Sherane and I hit a lot of bumps on the road of our relationship.

I find it hard to believe that a person can sleep as much as she does. I understand that high school can be stressful for a 14-year-old sophomore, which is why I try to let go of my anger and forgive her many, many mistakes.

But there always comes a time when one can take a breather from intense schoolwork and dedicate time to a very special person – which is what I attempt to do very often. I also like to think that I have gone through all the hurdles to connect with this young girl but it seems to never be enough.

I try to get past her weird obsession of having long nails that are shaped like hexagons, and the fact that she always carries a roll of toilet paper with her.

A while ago I began to wonder if this was all really worth the trouble.

I contemplated ignoring her for a while just because I don’t know what else to do, but I lose all power when she smiles brightly and gives me her best “good morning.”

Darn it.

If she could realize that she has to change then I would be more than willing to work this out, although at this point I doubt she really cares anyway.

I have only one remedy left for this girl. I need to become a nun and devote myself to the Christian church.