If you walk through the halls of Inlet Grove, you will see chip bags lounging in the grass, bottles and cans rolling down the halls and candy wrappers floating around awkwardly on the ground. It’s a sad scene.

As you can tell, Inlet Grove isn’t viewed as the cleanest place in the land, and students don’t hesitate to bring up the matter. The thing is that the students complain about the dirtiness and the trash, however the students contribute to trashing the place. Students are too lazy to walk a couple feet to throw garbage in the trash cans that are waiting impatiently for students to feed them. The tragedy must be put to a stop.

Students are quick to give a sassy comment like: “Oh, that’s what they have janitors for,” or “oh, the janitors aren’t doing their job.” Although there are janitors and their job is to clean the school, students don’t have to maliciously throw their trash down on the ground and dirty the school.

“It’s disgusting,” said Paul Razza, the TV production teacher. “It wrecks my clothes, my shoes and it wrecks the environment.”

“Students should treat Inlet like their own house,” said Bianca Bernard, a senior in the Medical Academy. “It’s our school and we shouldn’t litter it.”

Angie Garcia, a senior in the Journalism Academy, also feels like the scene is a nightmare. “It’s depressing to see the Inlet Grove student body trash the campus.”

Students should not commit such vicious acts. Instead of trashing the place, students should T.R.A.S.H the place; as in Take Responsibility And Sanitize Halls. Miraculously, Inlet Grove has included a Student Improvement Club, or S.I.C for short. Administrators, teachers and most importantly students go around the school every Wednesday after school cleaning trash and making the environment look better. They are even hoping to help with the mural in our soon to come garden.

“It’s nasty,” said Brittany Campbell, a senior in the Pre-Engineering Academy and secretary of the S.I.C club. She claims it sucks to have to clean up after students. “There’s a trash can sitting three feet away from you. You guys can get up and walk; it’s not that hard.”

Grayson Griner, a sophomore in the Pre-Engineering Academy and the SIC club’s sergeant of arms said, “I hate picking up the trash, but it has to be done.” Griner added, “One piece of trash isn’t a lot, but when 750 students throw trash down, it adds up quickly. Once we had bags full of trash, it was nasty.”

Get it together students. Grab some trash and throw it in the nearest trash can ASAP. It’s not hard at all. Cleaning the trash could simply could make the school look a thousand times better.