Monday is the bomb


Courtesy of Chopper 5

PLANTED: A supposed bomb was positioned at the city of Riviera Beach water treatment plant forcing Inlet Grove to have a code red and lock-down on Feb 29.

Monday is usually a slow day; you’re tired and want the weekend to embrace you. This past Monday, Feb. 29 was for sure an interesting one. First period came and went. Then second period came and Assistant Principal Jack Myszkowski calmly alerted us, “Teachers and students, we are having a Code Red. This is not a drill.”

Students were all over the floors ducking and waiting for the code red to be over. It didn’t take long for word to go around; Douglas Ellington, a former West Palm Beach city employee, stated that he had planted a bomb in the Riviera Beach water plant. Ellington also set his car on fire at the sewage plant in West Palm Beach.

“I was worried,” said Lily Etienne, a senior in the Graphic Arts Academy. “Knowing there was possibly a bomb that could go off and could possibly kill me. I was very worried.”

Since Inlet was near the Riviera Beach water plant, the school district decided Inlet should be under code red.

The code red turned into code yellow around lunchtime at 11:10 am. Students were chauffeured to the cafeteria by their teachers then back to eat in their teacher’s classrooms.

Then third period went by. Later, students were sent to their fourth period class and the code yellow was lifted. By then, “I thought we were being dismissed,” said Imani Doss, a senior in the Medical Academy. Doss and other students anticipated an early dismissal, but reality soon hit them.

How exciting was that for a Monday? It’s probably the most scary yet interesting Monday ever and the most striking way to start off a week of school.