Should college be free?

A lot of people know that college can be very expensive, especially top-tier universities like Nova Southeastern University, Florida State University and the University of Miami. Most of the time students can’t afford college even with help from scholarships and financial aid. So, should college be free?

True, college is expensive, but it still shouldn’t be free. A student with a 1.5 GPA doesn’t deserve the same chance and opportunities as a student with a 4.0 GPA. Also if students know that college is free they will not make attempts to try and do their best work, while others are giving all they can.

No, college shouldn’t be free, but officials should consider lowering the cost or giving more opportunities for those who deserve it. Even government help it is still not enough to cover a $45,000 tuition fee.

It would be great if students can decide where they want to attend school without having to worry about all the payments.