New generation

Don’t you ever wonder how drastically times have changed? Remember back when parents would hit their child for talking back? Remember when parents used to force their children into eating all their food? Remember when children didn’t own phones until they were 18, or until they could earn the money to buy themselves one? Remember when throwing a tantrum was non-existent?

This generation is way different from how it was before. At the age of six kids are already cursing. Kids disrespect their parents. Most teens have already experienced drugs. Too many females at the age of 16 are pregnant. What has this generation come to?

The elderly say we are the future, but do you really think the future is going to be as great as we think it will? With the way this generation is growing up, do we really think the next generation or the one after that is going to be any better?

We can just hope that the ones that haven’t been exposed will rise and change the world for the better. In the meantime we just have to face it: This generation is a bit messed up.

Let’s not forget the ones that can change the world’s future. These are the ones who will rise up from the crowd and improve the world. These are the who aren’t addicted to drugs. These are the teens that succeed in their education. This is the new generation. Sure it might be kind of messed up, but not all of it is.