Once upon a Trump

Once upon a time, there was a land called the United States. Barack Obama, the ruler of the states each day decided our people’s fates. He is the ruler of all, but he has served his term and is leaving office. With that, there were elections and campaigns being held by Republicans and Democrats.

Every story must have a villain and in this story it’s Donald Trump. Throughout the land, Trump’s scowling face appears frequently on front pages of magazines and newspapers. His arrogant voice is heard on the radio and in TV shows. Trump is running in the presidential race and boy, is he a disgrace. Three words to describe Trump are rude, arrogant and vulgar. Trump thinks he’s the fairest of them all because according to him, β€œthe part of the beauty of me is that I’m rich.” Trump cannot relate to the struggles of the average American business owner, seeing how he was born into wealth.

The United States needs a leader who is going to fight for the lower class people, one who can Β protect them and lower taxes. Mr.Trump is not that leader. Mr.Trump has made outrageous statements about banning immigrants, Syrian refugees and Muslims from America soil and let’s not forget that he wants to punish women for having abortions. This land would be ruined if put in the hands of the Big Bad Trump.

Beware of Trump. His touch is cold and unlike King Midas, Trump will turn this land to stone instead of gold. If chosen he will be the worst man to have ever ruled, well other than Nixon. This land is in grave danger, the people of the U.S. must vote against the Big Bad Trump before it’s too late.

The end.