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DEVELOPED: Joseph Pulitzer was the father of journalism since 1887.

The creator of Journalism

Jordyn Albert, Staff Writer
September 18, 2020
LONG LIVE THE KING: Chadwick Boseman who played as black panther died Aug. 28 while battling cancer for four years.

Wakanda Forever: R.I.P Chadwick Boseman

Jordyn Albert, Staff writer
September 9, 2020
GAME ON: The Final Exam Team Competition in Mr. Hanif's Journalism classes featured a 
$120,000 banana art prize or $120,000 (while supplies lasted), and candy for correct answers.

Battle of the students

Jordyn Albert, Staff Writer
December 20, 2019
ACHIEVEMENT: Inlet Grove NHS team went to Palm beach County Food bank to help pack 320 weekend goodies for 600 identified middle school students of SDPBC and broke a record of 1.5 hrs to put things in the bags.

Edibles stock

Jordyn Albert, Staff Writer
December 20, 2019
JAM SESSION: On Fri. 13, the students had a recital at the Media Center. The students performed by dancing, singing, and playing the saxophone.

Christmas singalong

Jordyn Albert, Staff Writer
December 18, 2019
REPRESENTATION: Editor-in-Chief Brianna Luberisse (center) and Yearbook Co-Editor Brianna Dwyer (right) have been taking pictures of the freshmen, sophomores and juniors all this week for the 2019-2020 book.


Jordyn Albert, Staff Writer
December 13, 2019
GRADUATION BOOK:  Editor-in-Chief Brianna Luberisse (left) and Co-Editor Brianna Dwyer confer with Walsworth yearbook company representative Tamara Moore (center) on ideas and designs during the Journalism class as the publications staff continue working to document the Canes' 2019-2020 year.

Photo of the day: Chronicle counselor

Jordyn Albert, Staff Writer
December 12, 2019
PUBLICITY: Professional and entrepreneur of Kaliah Communications Inc., Michelle Brown, spoke to Mr. Hanif's students about her career and how public relations relates to Journalism.

Michelle Brown: The businesswoman

Jordyn Albert, Staff Writer
December 12, 2019
OPINION MATTERS: The supervisor of the newspaper's commentary section, which includes the editorials, columns, letters to the editor, and editorial cartoons, spoke with the journalism class about his distinguished career, and engaged the students in an exercise on how to write an Editorial.

Introducing Rick Christie

Jordyn Albert, Staff Writer
November 7, 2019
FRIENDS: Journalism instructor Mr. Hanif, invited Rick Christie the Editorial Page Editor at the Palm Beach Post to his second period, to talk about his life as an editor and to motivate the students on concepts of Journalism.

Photo of the Day: Comrades

Jordyn Albert, Staff Writer
November 6, 2019
SERPENTS: Environmental Science teacher Dr. Spector invited his dad, Fred Spector on Oct. 25 to show his students different classes of snakes.

Like father like son

Jordyn Albert, Staff writer
October 29, 2019
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