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  • National Nut Day 10/22/21
  • Homecoming tickets will be sold starting Monday. 10/25
  • National Color Day 10/22/21
  • Homecoming will be on 11/6.
  • The next football game will be 10/22 @Treasure Coast
SPREADING LOVE THROUGH CHALK: Pre-Architecture instructor, Mr. Lambaz, drew a heart with the words kind, friends, fair and respect in front of his door using different color chalk for Anti Bullying Day on Feb. 26.

I heart you

Kristha Zapata-Palacios, Co-Editor
March 4, 2020
CHAIN CITY: Pre- architecture instructor Mr. Lambaz and his students designed a net out of paperclips in his class.

Aligned hardware

Le'Anna White, Staff Writer
January 29, 2020
STUDIO SESSION: Mr. Lambaz and his students are designing a recording studio in their classroom this year and the year of 2021.

Photo of the Day: Sneak peak

Le'Anna White, Staff Writer
January 23, 2020
GINGERBREAD LAND: Mr. Lambaz  students designed and finished their gingerbread house in honor of Chef Norbert Goldner.

Photo of the Day: Candy Kingdom

Le'Anna White, Staff Writer
January 14, 2020
PUMPKITECTURE: The Pre- Architecture instructor Mr. Lambaz created a project that involves pumpkins to explore the spacial and architectural property of the natural composition of organisms. Students can deconstruct and rearrange the pumpkins elements. This was their first attempt and Mr. Lambaz wants to give them another try. The competition will be held in coming November.

Spooky season

Hannah Snow, Co-Editor
October 31, 2019
ROAD TO SUCCESS: Mr. Lambaz and his Pre-Architecture/Engineering students went on a trip to  the Lockheed Martin Facility on Feb. 12.

Future engineers

Artist Newby, Staff Writer
April 12, 2019
LEARNING TO BUILD: Mr. Lambaz, the Architecture and Engineering Director, took his students on a field trip on Dec.10, speaking with Keith Spina, CEO of Glidden Spina and the Previous Director of The Breakers Hotel. Keith Spina the CEO of the firm was absolutely thrilled with the level of professionalism and how advanced our students were, said Mr. Lambaz.

The making of an engineer

Marquevia Patterson, Medical Editor
December 11, 2018
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