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  • The last day of school for 9th-11th grade is June 18th
  • Football conditioning off-season mat drills Monday-Thursday and occasionally Friday from 3:30-5:30pm.
  • Athletic programs will resume next school year 2021-2022
  • Graduation is June 17 at 8 p.m.
DRAWING OUT THE FACTS: Political cartoon sheds light on social media's take on racism.

Listen up

Sireayah Jones, Co-Editor
June 4, 2021
IPHONE: This is object is cellular device (iPhone 11),which is used for technology in society. This photo was taken June 1, 2021

Everyday objects

Kiyah Paris, Staff Writter
June 3, 2021
DEPENDING ON TECHNOLGY: Technology is consistently evolving. Will society continue to depend on it?

Technology taking over

Mya Jones , Staff Writer
May 7, 2021
TAKING IN THE BEAUTY: Appreciate the ground we walk on.

The beauty of nature

Ragena Jagon, Staff Writer
May 5, 2021
TREASURE: Mr. McDermott manages the Senior class so they can finish on a good note.

The back bones

Sephora Charles, Photo Editor
April 13, 2021
GAME ON: Next school year, 2021-2022, Inlet Grove will resume its athletic programs. More information will be provided on the specific programs that will  be offered soon.Β Go Canes!

Sports is coming back

Ragena Jagon, Staff Writer
April 13, 2021
SURVIVORS: Sexual Assault Awareness Month is an annual campaign to raise public awareness about sexual assault and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent sexual violence. April 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of SAAM.

Spreading awareness

Mariel Beckford, Co Editor
April 12, 2021
FEMALE MOTIVATION: This Image your seeing, is the first American woman to enter space and the third woman ever to appear in space. As one of the most motivated woman to remember, anything is possible for a female and woman can make their dreams come true. For WHM we remember her and admire what she has done for every different thing to motivate all females.

SeΓ±ora in Space

Fidel Perez-Ramos, Staff Writer
April 8, 2021
SINGER ISLAND RACE: 35 students, parents, IGHS faculty, and staff woke up as early as 4:30 am to join the 5:30 am Singer’s Island Game On race Β to man all the water stations and cheer on the runners.

Game on race

Mariel Beckford, Co Editor
April 7, 2021
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