Words to live by

WE HAVE SOMETHING SAY: Medical Students write quotes for people to read.

“Don’t worry about failures, worry about the chance you miss when you don’t even try.”

This quote by noted author Jack Canfield was posted on the wall of Dr. Landron’s Room 303 by Rose Buteau, a sophomore in the Medical Academy, as part of a class assignment.

Dr. Landron asked his students to research inspirational quotes to put on the wall, so other people who come to his class can see them.

“The first day of class I asked my students for ideas,” Dr. Landron said, “because I want them to understand that this is not only my class, it’s also theirs.” The result was quotes from people ranging from Eminem to Muhammad Ali.

The idea was brought to Dr. Landron by Medical Academy senior Kefnie Massillon, whose mom inspired it.

“Every year on special events my mom comes to me to talk,” she said, “or give me words of encouragement to pursue life and never give up. I feel like that really helps me in school to never be discouraged.” Kefnie wanted other students and staff to benefit from the inspirational words, advice or quotes.

Even students in the class had a lot to say about the assignment. “It will push me on days that I am feeling down and bring me up,” Rose Buteau said. “I wrote the quote on my own and to be honest it really inspires me every time I look at it. It reminds me why I’m in medical.”

Rickella Rose, a freshman in the medical program, said:  “I wrote the quote because Dr. Landron made me realize that people don’t define you, you do, and no matter what, always believe in yourself.”

The main purpose of quote wall is to help people the best way possible. “I think the quotes will help the kids,” Dr. Landron said, “because every time they come into class they’ll see it’s their work up on the wall.”