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The 2015 Student Government Association members and advisers.

Shirley Pierre, Staff Writer

The Student Government Association at Inlet Grove Community High School hosted a luncheon Thursday, April 30, in the Media Center, to honor the officers, class representatives, and SGA volunteers who dedicated their time to the betterment of the school and helped out with school events.

β€œIt was so nice to see all these students dressing up professionally, enjoying a nice meal, and more importantly sharing the benefits of belonging to this organization,” said Assistant Principal Francisco Lopez. β€œGo Inlet Grove scholars!”

β€œThe event went well, and was fun,” said Rebecca Renee Jeudy, a senior in the Medical Academy. β€œWe had pasta, and sauce and a chicken wrap made by Chef Tammy Newman and her Culinary Academy students.” Principal Dr. Emma Banks and Assistant Principal Deanna Pientka observed as SGA advisors Maria Morrison and Amy Pettway presented the awards.

The 50 SGA members include President Christelle Samedy, Vice President Darlene Jerome, Secretary Ciara Gayle and Treasurer Breanna Moore, all seniors in the Nursing Academy. Darrin Owens, the sergeant at arms (who keeps control of the meetings), is a junior in the Journalism Academy.

The Inlet Grove SGA will have spots open for new members next year. A requirement to become a member of SGA is to have a 3.0 GPA and two character references from teachers.

The SGA enables its members to share their ideas as a team and learn more about their classmates and the school. The group plans events that entertain Inlet Grove students and help increase student pride, such as talent shows and pep rallies.

β€œI wanted things to be different,” said Moore. β€œI wanted to do more fun things, and I thought the best way to get those things, since I felt that no one was listening, was to join SGA so that my voice can be heard.”

The luncheon was a formal event created by the sponsors for SGA members only. Not only were officers and class representatives acknowledged for their accomplishments, but also the students who were open to the decisions of the student body, as well as the members who volunteered and helped out with school events. Those members received awards for their dedication to the group and to Inlet Grove.

Class representative awards were presented by Samedy and Jerome to the winners: Destiny Lane, Linedjie Joseph, Jonas Oge and Anne Cadet.

Outstanding membership awards (for attending as many meeting as possible and helping wherever they can), were presented by Mrs. Pettway and Mrs. Morrison to Bell Cirius, Ferlanda Fortune, Morichia Jean Louis, Rebecca Jeudy, Nehemie Macombe, Rodeania Peart, Diana Perez, Shayla Renejuste, Majesty Smith and Stephanie Tessier.

β€œI felt very honored and would love to participate in SGA in college as well, due to a very good experience,” said Fortune, a senior in the Medical Academy. β€œThe speeches made me feel very much appreciated as a member.”

Commitment to SGA pins were presented by Mrs. Pettway and Samedy to Cadet, Loudia Smith, Geodome, Mykuria Jackson and Ricardo Lopez.

β€œIt’s those outstanding members who have been doing above and beyond what they have to do for SGA,” said Mrs. Pettway, who teaches American Government, Economics and World History.

To request some of the changes they want at Inlet Grove this year, students could go to senior class representative Cadet, junior class rep Oge, sophomore rep Joseph, or freshman rep Lane. The SGA officers approve or reject the ideas. Sponsors Mrs. Morrison, a U.S history teacher, and Mrs. Pettway – both attorneys, knowledgeable about government rules – check to see that the decision is one that can benefit the school and its students. They then run the idea to Dr. Banks.

As for students who don’t bother to state their requests because they feel that the school authorities will go against what they have to say, Assistant Principal Kemia Lockhart said, β€œProvide us with scenarios where proposals were brought through SGA, where administrators/teachers made a decision, and their outcomes, and we can look at why they were made. Because maybe at the time the certain climate was not conducive to making that certain decision, whereas now you may be able to revisit those proposals and make different decisions. Never make general accusations because they’re dangerous. Let’s look at this case by case and take it from there.

Mrs. Pettway and some students say the SGA needs to improve its communication with fellow Inlet Grove students. β€œSGA needs to come to us,” says Roodgenie Prophete, a senior in the Culinary Academy. Some students said SGA should have another method for communication rather than announcements that let students know they are able to make requests. Suggested methods include boxes in which students can place ideas, rather than having to look for a class representative they may not even know.

Samedy, however, said that whenever she hears a complaint about the school, she goes around and asks students for their opinions of what can be changed.

β€œI think SGA is a great thing,” said Mrs. Pettway, β€œbecause now I’m seeing that students are being really serious about their school work and their attendance, things that they probably wouldn’t have taken seriously if they weren’t in SGA.” She and the SGA members said students are invited to share their ideas to help Inlet Grove become a better place for everyone.

Winners of SGA Outstanding Membership Recognition

Class Representative Awards

Destiny Lane, Freshmen

Linedjie Joseph, Sophomores

Jonas Oge, Juniors

Anne Cadet, Seniors

Outstanding Membership Awards

Bell Cirius, Ferlanda Fortune, Morichia Jean Louis, Rebecca Jeudy, Nehemie Macombe, Rodeania Peart, Diana Perez, Shayla Renejuste, Majesty Smith, Stephanie Tessier

Commitment to SGA

Anne Cadet, Loudia Smith, Wisline Geodome, Mykuria Jackson, Ricardo Lopez.