‘Real news starts here’

WORKSHOP DAYS: Yorgelis Yambo gets tips from photographer and videographer Joe Forzano during the annual High School Newspaper Workshop at the Palm Beach Post. The Hurricanes enjoyed sessions on Visual Storytelling, Editorial Writing and a special appearance by two-time Pulitzer Prize winning writer Liz Balmaseda.

Fake news has no home at the Palm Beach Post, said Publisher Tim Burke in welcoming students from 13 high schools to the annual High School Newspaper Workshop.

Newsroom Manager Em Mendez kicked things off with “The Perfect Storm,” a session helping students learn how to brainstorm in a short time.

“Photojournalism is basically telling a story with a frame,” said Post Photographer Andres Leiva during the Visual Storytelling session that followed for the GroveWatch.com staffers who attended: Brianna Luberisse, Dakota Sands, Yorgelis Yambo, Seth Mars Β and Brianna Dwyer.

“Whatever you base your opinion on, base it on fact,” said Editorial Page Editor Rick Christie during the next session. “As journalists we try hard to keep our opinions out of the news pages,” he said, “because it hurts our integrity. And our integrity is all that we have.”

During lunch students were joined at their tables by other top journalists at the newspaper, such as Jennifer Podis with the Hurricanes.

Managing Editor Nick Moschella started the afternoon by introducing Food Editor Liz Balmaseda. She gave tips on how to differentiate feature writing from news writing.

“Be merciless with your editing,” said the two-time Pulitzer Prize winner, who provided guidance such as using motion as an antidote for writers block. “The next time you get writers block, move. Just move.”

It was a day when important journalists took the time to share their knowledge and experience with dozens of students. “I hope the time here today brought some inspiration to you,” said Burke.