Spirit Week glows in the dark

PEP RALLY: The Canes gathered in the gymnasium again Feb. 15, but this time with a twist: “When the lights turned off the gym really started to light up,” said Ashley Alceme, a senior in the Medical Academy. During the event students participated in challenges and other contests, and even a Promposal happened. “They really went all out for this Pep Rally,” said Gaelle Compere.

Students got a chance to dress out and show their school spirit the week of February 12. At the end of the week the Student Goverment Association (SGA) helped to put together a Glow-in-the-Dark Pep Rally for the students.

β€œWell, we had to work together to create a pep rally that no one would forget,” said Tatiana Moise, a junior in the Medical Academy and a member of SGA. β€œOver a span of four weeks, we would constantly meet up to plan the theme, decorations and creative games to entertain students who were constantly bored at pep rallies.”

Monday was Pajama Day. Students came to school in their pajamas with different characters from various TV networks, including Disney and Nickelodeon.

β€œPajama Day was amazing,” said Maya, a junior in the Culinary Academy. β€œIt was exciting to see kids dressed in their night attire.”

Tuesday it was Nerds vs. Jocks. Some students came in suspenders and glasses while other students wore varsity jackets and jerseys.

β€œI’ve never seen so many kids dressed up as nerds,” said Collin, a sophomore in the Medical Academy. β€œThere were more nerds than there were jocks.”

Wednesday was Valentine’s Day. You wore red if you were taken, pink if you have a crush, yellow if it’s complicated, green if you’re single and white if you’re not interested. Also, couples exchanged gifts throughout the day.

β€œValentine’s Day was a success. I couldn’t believe students actually wore colors to represent their relationship status,” said Tanzania, a junior in Medical. β€œSeeing all of the couples exchanging gifts and smiles made me happy.”

The last day of Spirit Week was Throwback Thursday. Students also were asked to wear all white. The all-white contributed to the pep rally.

β€œThe idea of wearing all white for a glow in the dark pep rally is creative,” said Ranaya, a junior in the Culinary Academy.

As the beat dropped on Drake’s “God’s Plan,” so did the lights. SGA members ran around the gym throwing glow sticks to students. During the pep rally, several games were played, including dodgeball and balloon popping.

β€œHaving spirit week and a Pep Rally to end off that week was a good idea,” said Zacharria, a junior in the Culinary Academy. β€œSeeing all of the students jumping around with excitement made me enjoy the Pep Rally more.”