#medsympo6: The Canes

REPRESENTING: Medical Academy students led groups of middle-schoolers and helped conduct workshops during the 6th Annual Healthcare & Science Stars of Tomorrow Career Symposium.

It was all about the present and future professionals as Inlet Grove’s Hurricanes hosted the T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society for the 6th Annual Healthcare & Science Stars of Tomorrow Career Symposium on April 7.

Students from many middle schools enjoyed sessions that included hands-on activities. Information on medical services and colleges were provided, such as by Nova Southeastern University, Palm Beach State College, and more.

Dr. Roger L. Duncan III, T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society Youth Services chair and immediate past president, returned to welcome and introduce keynote speaker Dr. Cheryl L. Holder, the program director for NeighborhoodHELP Education and Pipeline program, who delivered a strong and empowering speech to the students, motivating them to take chances on medical careers.

The campus grounds were buzzing with activity throughout the day, as groups headed in and out of classrooms, enjoyed a pizza lunch, and even went to show off their dancing skills in the courtyard. Hurricane deejays played remixes and students and teachers were more than welcomed by the crowd gathered to show off.

The atmosphere was friendly and inviting, but things weren’t over yet. Sponsors had brought in prizes such as iPads, microscopes, and more equipment to hand off in the raffle. Kids held onto their yellow tickets tightly, dozens of pairs of eyes scanning over the rewards. In the end, winners were smiling and losers were whining. Inlet’s very own Flolaine Francois even took home a mini iPad.

At the end of the day, goodbyes were exchanged from newfound friends and buses were loaded with the open and knowledge-filled minds of the next generation.