‘Halloween Wars’ 2

HALLOWEEN’S SWEETEST: Culinary Academy students had a food science project and displayed it in the cafeteria. They let fellow students decide which project was the best on Oct 31. They call this “Halloween Wars.”


Culinary Academy students did a food science project that improved their learning of different culinary skills while having a little fun.

They prepared the food in the kitchen and then showcased their dishes in the cafeteria. Chef Newman wanted the students to have fun, but learn how to prepare, cater food, and food managing.

“You learn that my job is not easy, you have to collect the ingredients and supplies and you have to be able to collect the correct amount and how will you use that product, “said Chef Newman

Culinary students worked in different teams for their 2nd annual “Halloween Wars.” They did different projects such as cake making, rice krispy structure, pumpkin carving and the tasting element.

They started preparing their projects and designs Oct. 29th and presented them in the cafeteria Oct. 31th.

Chef Newman decided to have the students of Inlet Grove vote which food creation looked the best. “Culinary is not only about doing book work so I figured that I would have the students do a food science project and have a little fun, “, said Chef Newman.

Winners of the Best of Display was:  “Timothy the Deceased” (A skull molded out of rice crispiest and painted with white icing…black eyes.  Laid in a bed of dirt and worms (gummy worms and ground Oreo wafers).

Ruth Anne Kalchik

Kaleb Morris

William Bonivilla


Tied for 2nd Place

“Zombie Guts on a Platter”: Cinnamon twist dough cut into intestine shapes and covered in a melted red strawberry jelly with cooked rice maggots.

Jahnel Jones

Stracey Leo

Tahalia Rennie

“Shattered”:  Boiled sugar turn to glass to look like a window with a red hand print and dripping fake blood.  Below the window are many broken shards of the glass with the red fake blood.

Zacharria Zieglar

Britney Campbell