The boo! is back: Haunted House


Get ready to be scared out of your socks!!

Inlet Grove Community High School students and staff are gearing up for this year’s Haunted House to be held Oct 30.

The chief organizers are Assistant Principal Kemia Lockhart and International Baccalaureate program coordinator Deanna Pientka, but many departments are joining together to make the event successful.

“We have television production teacher, Paul Razza, Anthony Bell in Graphic Arts, several other academic teachers and just anyone in general, that is working together to create a Haunted House for the student body to enjoy,” said Ms. Pientka.

Overall, “It’s a fundraising event,” she said, “to provide extra resources and whatever other needs a student may have.”

Teachers are already donating candy and other supplies. International Baccalaureate students will be playing a role in the sites presented at the haunted house.

The muscle for the event will be Coach Terry Bradden and the football team, “So we’ll have big powerful people to put it all together,” Ms. Pientka said. “(Pre-Architecture instructor Todd) Morey’s team will design the walls and lay out the room.”

Ms. Pientka said she welcomes anyone who wants to help, and other administrators, teachers and students also are volunteering.

“What I really like is the staff working together,” she said. For example, “Mr. Razza is looking to make creepy haunted house music and Mr. Bell will be designing and having face painting.

Last year’s Haunted House “was kind of scary,” said Ebony Bullard, a junior in the Medical Academy. “Overall it was OK.” To improve the Haunted House, “They could make it darker,” she said.

“It was scary,” said Sequaiya Sargent, a junior in the medical program. “I almost had a heart attack.”

“We’re excited and scary,” said Ms. Pientka, who was a gypsy last year. “I can be my gypsy again.”