Know Your Staff: Ms. Samad


Estrella Nieves

STAND-IN: Ms. Samad is a substitute teacher at Inlet.

Estrella Nieves, Photo Editor

 Gillian Samad is currently working as a substitute teacher. In the past years she has worked as a secretary in the main office. 

Ms. Samad started working at Inlet  in August 2014.” Starting in the Main Office (which takes enormous skills to provide the service that students, relatives, visitors, and staff deserve and expect)and then moving on to my current position which gives me deep gratification to work directly with my young brothers and sister.


Before working at Inlet  Ms. Samad worked as a food manager/ director at a nursing home facility. She also worked in New York City as a food dietitian and other food directors for three years. She said working as a dietitian helped people with their health. She also said,” Working as a Dietitian puts one in a position to help others make a positive impact in their lives.”


Her experience in working as a Food service Manager/Director gave her a lot of working skills and the ability to do many things. , “It helps one to develop people skills, organizational skills, management  skills, time management skills, financial management skills, effective multitasking skills and overall ability to effectively manage a department  with any number of employees.”


She said something that some people don’t know about me is that I am a fair person. 

Ms.Samad said she is passionate about doing the right thing. “ I believe that you should always strive to do what you know is right”. 


Her favorite things to do in her free time are gardening, traveling and visiting other countries.


She has travelled to Africa, Mexico, Italy, England, France, Ireland, Toronto, Canada, The Netherlands, numerous Caribbean Islands, numerous American States. And she lived in Montreal, Canada.


She loves gardening as a way to find peace and it relaxes her. It gives her time to get away from the evil of this world. And she learns how gardening can help in many ways. 


The biggest thing that she overcame  was in the presence of unjust/ unrighteous people. Her future plan is retirement but also  she is still working here as long as she can. 


 ” I am here for one reason (and one reason only),which is to do what I can to make a positive difference in the lives of the students at Inlet Grove community high school.”